Tips For First Time Skiers

The sport of skiing is one that many people try when they are young kids.  They will start off with a snowboard and other devices to get them accustomed to how hills covered in snow will work, but over time will brave themselves up to actually purchasing a set of skis and going out onto the slopes.  When you decide that this is a task you want to undertake, looking for a Sporting Goods Store will be your first step in the process.

There are many good stores that sell sporting goods that you can look at. Retailers like Beaver Sports specialize in all types of sporting equipment for newbies all the way up to the professionals.  When doing your research, check out these stores and see what they have to offer.

When skiing however, here are a few tips that you can follow.  Try them out and see how they work for you.


The first thing you want to do or purchase are sunglasses.  When skiing, the sun will glare of the snow like a piece of glass.  If you don’t have sunglasses or other protection for your eyes, you can quickly find yourself heading for danger which could be very dangerous.

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Find the right sized skis

Not all skis are made the same.  You will want to look for and try on several pairs of skis in order to see how they look, feel and act for you.  Many skis are made for a specific skill level as well as height, weight and body type.  How the skis are used will also determine how they act.  Downhill skiing compared to cross country may require different skis.

Take your time

No matter what you do, take your time.  Get the hang of everything and soon you will be a professional.